container walk
solo durational performance, The Performance Arcade Wellington, New Zealand Festival

A man walks endlessly on salt within the unbounded confines of a shipping container, giving a visual and audible meter to time-space and public place. Interactive encounters open up with members of the public exploring the possibilities of building spontaneous improvised connections. Drawing from practices of walking meditation, hiking/tramping, global backpacking and theatre stage rehearsal work, the act of simply walking opens up reflections on patterns and perception, the human condition, the anthropocene, the ‘glocal’, and the relations between the movements of people, things and ecological processes.
container walk was presented for 13 hours a day for 4 days, the first of a three-part cycle of annual works for The Performance Arcade.

walk into a shipping container
walk nowhere
walk time
walk labour
walk with anyone
walk for days
walk on salt
walk pattern walk rhythm
walk pattern walk rhythm walk repetition walk variation walk difference
walk solo walk duo walk anyhow walk into dance and dance into walking
walk and talk
walk with the meter of walking shaping the alliteration of talking
walk with the alliteration of talking shaping the meter of walking
walk from me to you
walk day walk night
walk the floor of globalised trade
walk layers of exchange
walk the grey areas of uncertainty
walk the dog
walk eternity
walk imagination
walk desire
walk inhibition walk prohibition walk to freedom
walk aesthetics
walk politics
walk ethics
walk crystals walk crystals walk crystals
walk seasalt back to seawater
walk on