container island walk

interactive durational performance 13 hours a day for 3 days at MONA FOMA, (Museum of Old and New Art), Hobart
performed by Ben Landau

This durational work creates an ever changing spontaneous social choreography of human behaviours in response to one man’s act of walking in a shipping container, walking on salt, walking time, walking nowhere, walking and talking…

Walk into a shipping container.
Walk nowhere.
Walk time.
Walk on salt.

Walk into a shipping container opened up to Hobart’s Derwent river-front.
Walk for 3 days.
Walk twelve hours a day.
Walk with anyone.
Walk carrying what is needed for 3 days.

Walk for 3 days in a shipping container lobbed onto a tennis court on the roof of MONA – the Museum of Old and New Art.
Walk in a container that is an island on the roof of MONA on the island of Tasmania.
Walk the distance of the MONA festival of music and art.
Walk the potential of socially engaged art.
Walk the sounds of walking on salt.

Walk pattern.
Walk pattern, walk rhythm.
Walk pattern, walk rhythm, walk repetition, walk variation, walk difference, walk chaos, walk turbulence.
Walk transformation.
Walk one step at a time.

Walk on salt that was once 4% of seawater.
Walk on salt that enabled meat preservation and human settlement.
Walk on salt that is perhaps the first common commodity object and currency of trade exchange.
Walk on salt that is sodium chloride that is the ubiquitious raw material in the chemical industry.
Walk in a 20-foot shipping container that is the standardised transporter of industrialised global commodity exchange.

Walk the floor of globalised trade.
Walk layers of exchange.
Walk and talk with the meter of walking shaping the alliteration of talking and the alliteration of talking shaping the meter of walking.
Walk a repeated figure eight.
Walk eternity.

Walk the global impact of late capitalism on an island at the south end of the world.
Walk the circulation of capital in the market the market the market.
Walk the funny-money by-product of late capitalism.
Walk on the top of casino winnings.
Walk risk.

Walk imagination.
Walk desire.
Walk politics.
Walk aesthetics.
Walk crystals walk crystals walk crystals.