collective return
group durational performance, MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) FOMA (Festival of Music and Art), Hobart Australia
performed collectively with Simon Maisch, Michael McNab, Cobie Orger, Amaara Raheem, Theron Schmidt and Alex Talamo

listen to the project 36hour sound archive at

A durational group performance over the three 12-hour days of MONA FOMA (MOFO), with four levels of recursive process. >>> 1 > Sounds were constantly found and made in the festival sites, and captured via megaphones with embedded microphone, recording and replaying capacity. Performers would make impromptu and improvised sound installation events throughout festival sites whilst finding and amplifying sounds. >>> 2 > Recorded sounds were then replayed in a live-mixed shipping container installation of megaphones with ever looping, overlaying and over-writing sounds, as festival-goers visited the container. >>> 3 > The emergent sound score from the installation of multiple megaphones was live-streamed online, and available for listening via headphones in a second shipping container installation at MOFO. Over the successive days, festival-goers were given the accumulating choice to listen via the headphones installation to THIS TIME NOW, THIS TIME YESTERDAY, or THIS TIME DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY. >>> 4 > You can listen here to the thirty-six hour Collective Return sound score. You might listen to specific hours of a particular day, or intermix and overlay listening to multiple hours simultaneously, or listen to the sound of a day during the festival to coincide with the current time in the location from which you are presently listening.


You are listening to a sample from the third 13hour day.

Collective Return is discussed in The Guardian Australia

Project assisted by Wil Campbell, Rob Eales and Tania Splawa-Neyman.
Supported by RMIT University School of Architecture & Design’s Research Committee