Mick Douglas & Amaara Raheen
The Performance Arcade, Wellington New Zealand

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An accumulative 6pm daily performance over four days of a live art festival exploring the after-life of the preceding days’ performances, audience experiences and Wellington circumstances. How can processes of writing and reading, when embedded in and responsive to a performance festival, stimulate new writing for performance and generate a mode of critical live performance? Can we expand on the possibilities of experiencing performance by responding to ‘liveness’ through live writing, questioning the role of documentation and the review of live performance? Wake registers a trail behind Performance Arcade 2016, creating its own daily narrative fiction that gives meter and rhythm to the passing of time, performing the performed in ways that transform conventions of ‘documentation’ toward playfully crafted acts of making-in-the-moment. As the days pass, wake emerges in the path of audiences to have us experience what has just happened – and is happening now –with heightened senses of attention.