Mick Douglas & Denise Batchelor
The Performance Arcade, Wellington New Zealand 26 Feb – 1 March 2020

rise invites coming into relation with planetary uncertainty through video installation, sculptural process and durational performance in correspondence with the incoming tide every afternoon and evening of the Arcade.

Pacific Ocean navigation charts – a representational way of capturing and sharing knowledge that emerged with the interests of colonisation and extractive trade and industry – are transformed in paper to relocate the human with rather than separate from earth systems.  For every hour of incoming tide, a member of the public is invited to commit to join in bearing silent witness to the rising tide.

Over the 5-day duration of the Arcade the witnesses and invocations of Pacific Ocean waters gather as a collection of screened still images provoking questions of our human selves amongst more than human earthly and unknown forces.

rise performance occurs with the incoming tide:

Wed 26 Feb:       5:19pm (PA opening) to 8:19pm (high tide of 1.5 m)

Thurs 27 Feb:      3:08pm (low tide of 0.7m) to 9:04pm (high tide of 1.5m)

Fri 28 Feb: 3:53pm (low tide of 0.7m) to 9:48pm (high tide of 1.5m)

Sat 29 Feb: 4:31pm (low tide of 0.7m) to 10.31pm (high tide of 1.5m)

Sun 1 March:      5.14pm (low tide of 0.7m) to 11:13pm (high tide of 1.6m)



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